Traditional wine-making

A history of family, dedication and passion.

Giuliano e Giulio

The origin of the Franchini family derives from a distant and remote background. A research on the ‘Franchini’ surname has traced it back to the ‘Franks’, the original inhabitants of the ancient Gaul and settlers in Northern Italy.

Giuliano Franchini, together with his son Giulio, carries on the wine-making tradition passed on by his father Aldo and grandfather Emilio. A tradition that continues from generation to generation, from father to son, with the same great passion and love.

The small
Franchini team

Centuries pass by and generations change, but a strong call dedicated to the creation of the noblest Valpolicella wines is still present nowadays. 

Day after day, Giuliano continues to carry on the family wine tradition together with his son Giulio and the Franchini team formed by Alessandro, Elia, Francesco, Caterina, Sonia, Marta, Nadia, Sabrina, Lino e Dario.

The Franchini family is just waiting for you in the winery!