Manual harvest and heroic vineyards

to respect each individual
grape bunch.

We take care of our precious land with maximum respect for nature

Antica Corte Forlago is located on a hilly area with its structure and vineyards. The vines are cultivated according to the traditional Veronese pergola (single and double) with a beautiful view on the valley below. All vineyards are a clear symbol of the manual work that has shaped the wine-making tradition since the very beginning.

The grape harvest is carried out exclusively by hand, selecting only the best and ripest grape bunches. After the harvest we place the grapes in wooden crates, where they performed the traditional appassimento (drying technique), resting under natural temperature for several months.

Corvina veronese

These are some of the native grape varieties to the Valpolicella Classica area. They are carefully harvested and expertly chosen to produce our best wines. Placed manually in wooden crates for a natural drying process (appassimento), each bunch is carefully checked to ensure the best possible quality.

All of our 5 hectares are located near the Antica Corte Forlago, at an altitude ranging from 280 to almost 500 metres above sea level.

A typical characteristic from Valpolicella Classica are the dry-stoned terraces called “marogne”, which allows cultivation of the steepest terrains – noticeable on our heroic vineyard Monte Marognin.

We are members of FIVI (Federazione Italiana Vignaioli Indipendenti – Italian Federation of Independent Winegrowers), which protects the work and commitment of the small winegrower. Our wines originate solely from the fruit of our vineyards, which we personally care for. We carry out every single phase, from the pruning and manual harvesting in the fields to the winemaking, refinement and bottling phases in the winery.

We are part of CERVIM, an institution that deals with the promotion and protection of heroic viticulture. Two of our fields (Monte Marognin and Costa d’Angelo), dedicated to the production of Amarone Classico, Riserva and Recioto Classico, have been recognized at European level as heroic vineyards.


Monte Marognin

Antica Corte Forlago

Costa d'Angelo


Wine-making and appassimento